Tots ‘n Toddlers Forest Fun Gentle Hand Wash



This ultra mild hand wash gently removes dirt and germs without stripping the skin of natural moisture. Rest assured that this colour free, dermatologist approved formulation contains carefully selected ingredients to be gentle enough for even the softest, most precious skin. Infused with 100% natural Rooibos to soothe and care for skin, hands are left clean, germ free and feeling softer than ever. Just what Daisy the deer needs to keep her grubby hooves spic ‘n span and in tip top condition after prancing around the forest with her friend Chico the chipmunk.

  • Gentle on skin
  • Dermatologist approved ⠀
  • Ultra-mild ⠀
  • Tear free⠀
  • Colour free ⠀
  • Suitable for sensitive skin