We support look good... feel better


Confidence is one of the most attractive attributes of a woman.

Oh So Heavenly and the Look Good… Feel Better Foundation help women living with cancer look and feel beautiful, inside and out, renewing their confidence and a sense of hope that may have been lost during their journey with the illness.

the look good... feel better foundation


This foundation provides beauty workshops through a network of hospitals, oncology units, interim houses and clinics across South Africa. These professional workshops teach women how to enhance their natural beauty by educating them about skincare, make-up application and even hair solutions for Alopecia, due to Chemo or Radiation therapy.

how can you help?

Every time you purchase a Positively Pink Body Lotion, Body Wash or Hand Cream, we will donate 50c to the Look Good…Feel Better Foundation. 

With your help, Oh So Heavenly has donated over R710 000 to the Look Good … Feel Better Foundation, in support of breast cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Otherwise go to www.lgfb.co.za to donate.