We would never hurt a fly


Oh So Heavenly has always been passionate against animal testing. We are a brand with a big heart and believe that in order to make every day heavenly, you want to know that the products you are buying are not only kind to you but are cruelty free too. The only tests done are on the very picky people that develop our products for you here at Oh So Heavenly! 

Oh So Heavenly, its companies and brands, follow a very strict “No Use” policy with regard to the testing of products or materials on animals. It is thus our policy that we do not support or condone the testing of any of our products or raw materials on animals.

what does cruelty Free mean?


Cruelty free means that none of our products, or the ingredients that we use in our products, are tested on animals.  Our products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty which means that you can be reassured that our products have been humanely manufactured.

If you would like more info regarding Beauty Without Cruelty and their mission, please take a look at their website : www.bwcsa.co.za

what do we do?


We get assurances from the actual manufacturers for each of our ingredients stating that:

  • They are not tested on animals
  • Obtaining the ingredient does not result in the suffering or death of any animal
  • The material is not of animal origin. We strictly only use ingredients that are of vegetable or synthetic origin, or have been obtained from an animal source whereby no harm is inflicted on the animal.  Examples of these types of ingredients include milk, honey, silk and yoghurt, as well as keratin, cholesterol, lanolin and cashmere all obtained from sheep’s wool.

When we look for a new supplier, it is part of the process to ensure that they conform to the Beauty Without Cruelty regulations before we will even consider buying the material from them. To reassure you, we audit ourselves to ensure that our assurances are up-to-date.

our vegan products

We are excited that we also have a number of Vegan products as well.