liv village


LIV Village makes a positive difference to the lives of South African children in need by placing these orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment. There they have a sense of belonging in a homely environment, receiving unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing. The model is based on an African village lifestyle, with houses built in clusters surrounding a communal play area. Each home has a fully trained foster mother and the children are educated at the LIV school. LIV’s goal is to equip these children with essential moral values and life skills so that they will grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa and the world.

how do we help?

Oh So Heavenly wants to help LIV Village with the incredible work that they do. Each purchase from the Heart of Gold range will enable us to support LIV Village and in turn uplift the lives of children in need.

Together since 2017, we have raised over R180 000 for LIV Village to assist with their life-changing work in providing holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Beauty with a big heart!

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