We love the idea of layering a fragrance to fully embrace the gorgeous scent while the delicate smell lingers on you all day.

Our Wrapped in Romance products are scented with the breath-taking infusion of blushing red berries, sweet caramel & vanilla, perfect to keep you falling in love with your skin everyday! The range consist of a body lotion, body cream, hand cream and body spray.

Give skin the care it deserves by starting off every day with the Wrapped in Romance body lotion. The body lotion is infused with a 24 hour moisturising complex and silk extract to give skin that extra silky soft feel.

After applying the body lotion, spritz the body spray on your skin to enhance the fragrance and allow it to linger on you all day.

Pop the mini body cream in your bag to keep skin moisturised all day while on the go. Pamper hands with hand cream and let the love linger on everything you touch!

Keeping your skin wrapped in romance and your heart fluttering all day long!